Creative Reads For Little People

August 11, 2015

Books play an enormous part in building little imaginations. I’m constantly scouting for children’s books with a difference. Those that are wildly entertaining, celebrate creativity and offer something ‘outside the box’.

I adore books. I used to catalogue my own book collection as a child. My younger sister was forced to use a library card I made for her to ‘borrow’ off the bookshelf. Looking back on this – over protective, control freak does spring to mind. Sorry sis.

Creepy cataloging aside, children’s books are an institution. The digital world is such a huge part of children’s lives these days, I feel like I need to fly the ‘book love flag’ even higher. I’ve put together a collection of our current faves. These are on high rotation at the moment in the Like & Love household. Enjoy little readers. xx

Oliver’s Pick
Aged 7


Iggy Peck Architect
Andrea Beatty & David Roberts

This book is pure magic. I had a lump in my throat the first time Oli & I read this together. It celebrates the quirky & courageous, those beautiful creative individuals that aren’t part of the ‘mainstream’. Bright, imaginative and unapologetically brilliant in their own unique way. With playful illustrations and witty rhyming text, it’s a winner.

Few people appreciate Iggy’s talents, particularly his teacher Miss Lila Greer, leaving Iggy feeling less than special. Until a fateful field trip proves how useful the master building talents of young Iggy can be.


Ivy’s Pick
Aged 5


Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
Andrea Beatty & David Roberts 

This beautifully written book is a celebration of finding the ‘perfect fit’.  Through the use of magnificently designed hats, this lonely French Hat Maker embarks on a journey of discovery to unlock that special something. A story of fashion, french culture, kindness & belonging. Perfectly whimsical illustrations make this is a must for the little ladies (and the stylish Mama’s!).
‘Like the lady herself, all her hats were refined – brilliantly singular; one of a kind! Each feather, each bauble, each bead and each bow – painstakingly chosen by Madame Chapeau.’


Lola’s Pick
Aged 3


Jo Empson

This book is an explosion of colour – it’s a beautiful mess. Rabbityness introduces one very special rabbit. A wonderfully vibrant creature full of creative ‘un-rabbity’ talents. He is a source of joy and inspiration to others until he suddenly & sadly disappears. He does however leave an amazing gift for his forest friends, his memory lives on forever. Although this book covers the topic of ‘loss’ it’s done in such a positive, spirited way that children can connect with. It’s very simply written & easy to understand. Perfect for little ones.

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