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Motherhood Victories – A New Chapter

August 17, 2016

Hello from the other side. We did it, we actually made it!

No more nappies, night feeds, dummies, prams, toilet training, spoon feeding. I blinked and our three babes turned into little humans. Our youngest – Lola, has just turned four and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Shit just got real.

We’ve really turned that ‘baby’ corner. No more newbies. Hubby sealed the deal, whisking himself off for the ‘man-snip’ after Lola was born. He knew I’d hit him up with my ‘just one more?’ spiel and eventually get my way.

I really should thank him for being the grown-up. Taking ‘care’ of the situation really has pre-empted such an event. I’m grateful for my brood of three; I’m content, my heart is full to the brim.

At times, I do miss those snuggly newborn days. The sheer dependancy of being someones ‘everything’. A feeling you don’t quite experience until you’ve become a Mama. Nostalgia aside, I do feel this new chapter needs some celebrating. Like a big fat victory parade through the city. Proud parents moonwalking on the street, drinking champagne from traffic cones. You know the kind.

Lets face it, once you reach multiple babes things can get a little touch & go in the early days. Three babies in four years – sure, stellar idea! In a haze of sleep deprivation, wild hormones & unruly hair there were times that life beyond the here & now felt like a distant Narnia. But I can now report, we made it (all accounted for and in tact).

Selling all of our baby stuff has really solidified the new chapter. Will it be easier? Hell no. But it’ll be different. Our growing offspring are brighter by the day; wiser & wittier. Their needs are equally time consuming, but also unbelievably rewarding.

Now they actually do stuff. Between school, sport and socialising; their calendar is full of activity and opportunity. You get to witness each of these little miracles make their mark. Their personalities, their passions, their dreams. And you know what? We made these little humans from scratch. Proud just doesn’t quite cut it. High fives all-round.

One chapter closes and another begins. Sure, it’s met with mixed emotions but I’m going with a hell yeah. I’m gracious and ready. The truth is, amidst the chaos of family life we found a love. A giant, unapologetic love that doesn’t waiver with time or age. It just gets deeper & bolder, and that makes everything ok. So chin up Mama’s, we’ve got this.


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