Arty Party – Kids Birthday Love

November 8, 2016

Kids Birthday parties – all kinds of wildly creative fun, the options really are endless.
I love planning a good kiddie soiree, but with three little people, it can be a huge (& expensive) task planning a ‘big’ party each year. Thankfully, they’re on board with an ‘every second year’ friend party, and keeping it just family every other year. We all agree, every birthday needs celebrating.

Ivy is obsessed with art & craft. She would give the hosts of Play School a run for their money. Such a crafty little thing with ideas aplenty. With her cousins in tow she decided an Art Party would be an ‘AWESOME’ idea. I immediately thought ‘mess’, but figured we could keep the activities outside & hope the weather gods would oblige. It was Oli’s birthday the week prior so we made it a joint family gathering. One of the upsides of having your childrens’ birth dates close together!

For the ‘Arty Party’ styling, I didn’t want to go over the top with bold primary colours and paint splatters – it felt too obvious & a bit school-like. Instead, I chose some key ‘on trend’ colour shades (Peach & Mint Green) and went with a Pantone colour block theme.

I sourced most items from the amazing Ruby Rabbit – an online partyware store, my go-to for planning fabulous parties. From decorative items, party ware, invitations, balloons, favours – they’ve got everything.

Activity wise, Spotlight had a myriad of ready to paint & make items. I bought timber masks for painting & decorating. Reems of butchers paper for freestyle paint expression. Tubes of glitter, fluffy balls, pipe cleaners, coloured matchsticks, stickers, moulding clay. And it worked a treat.

The kids all had a great time. It was creative, messy and loved by all ages. It was also relatively easy to pull together and create, provided you have an outdoor space to minimise the clean-up. I highly recommend the ‘Arty Party’ theme for budding little creatives.
Full stockist details at base.


Art Party 1

Art Party

Art Party 2

Art Party 3

Art Party 4

Art Party 5

Art Party 10


Art Party 6

Art Party 7

Art Party 8

Art Party 9


Now the details….

Party Styling Items – Ruby Rabbit Partyware
Silver Foil YAY Balloon
Coloured Honeycomb Balls/Garland
Black & White Marbled Balloons
Spotted Straws
Mini Chalkboard Signs
Peach/Gold Colour Block Cups
Black & White Triangle Plates
Mint Green Cupcake Wrappers
Seven Glitter Cake Topper
Wooden Spoons
Lollybags (Natural Kraft Boxes)

Activity Items – Spotlight:
Black Berets
Mason Jars
Paint Palettes & Pails
Paints, Brushes, Glue
Brown Kraft Paper Table Cloth
Timber Masks (for painting)

Birthday Cake – Vanilla Mudcake, Chocolate & Caramel Ganache… made by me (not my finest decorating hour, but it tasted good)
Donuts, Oreo’s, Marshmallows
Coloured Fairy Bread
Smartie Cookies, Honey Jumbles
Popcorn, Chips
Carrot/Celery Sticks & Dip
Fruit Platter
Mini Homemade Pizzas (they got to decorate and create their own)












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